The Various Types of Brisbane Properties that You Can Invest In

The Brisbane real estate agency or property developers that market the properties generally use various terms to market their properties. This can get all too confusing for a serious buyer looking for specific type of property to invest in. When shopping for Wilston or Newmarket property for sale, it is important to understand all the important terms that pertain to the real estate investments in the Brisbane property market. These can include the terms such as the studio flats, the duplexes, the multiplexes, the detached houses and many others.

If you are having a problem understanding the various terms that are used by your Brisbane real estate agency or Newmarket property manager, here is a simple glossary that you can use to quickly figure out what your agent is talking about:

Bungalows: Who knew the term “bungalow” has an Indian origin? During the British Raj in Indian, the colonial British authorities fused the local Indian “bangla” Bengali style used in the 19th century with the modern Western styles to come up with the bungalows. They are often characterized by their Indian style low roofs as well as the porches that are built around the houses. The bungalows are typically the low-rise buildings that have verandahs.

Detached houses: These are the single detached houses which do not share any walls with any other properties. They offer a great deal of privacy for the house occupants. This level of privacy also means that they typically fetch a good price in the real estate marketplace. You can contact a Wilston property manager in order to explore the many detached houses that are found in Brisbane.

Semi-detached houses: These refer to the pairs of houses that have been joined together by common walls.  Only one side shares the detached wall while the other side of the house is detached.

Terrace Houses: These refer to the houses that located in long rows of houses. The terrace houses generally look the same and have structural similarities. Both sides of the terrace houses typically share walls with their neighbors.

Flats: These are the other common houses that you can find with the help of a Brisbane real estate agency. The flats are typically self contained and form a part of building. They form a unit in a building that is divided into several living areas or several flats. In some countries, the flats are simply called apartments.

Apartments: The apartment is any self-contained housing unit in a building. These are generally rented out to people for use. Apartments and flats are generally used interchangeably.

Duplex house: Duplex house refers to two separate houses which are attached next to each other. A duplex looks like two separate houses which are attached to each other but it can also appear as a single home based on its unique architectural designs. They may have two separate entrances or a single shared entrance along with entry hall for the two houses.

Studio apartments or studio flats: Refers to a single room suite which also doubles as your living room, bedroom and even kitchenette with some bath squeezed into place.  The studio apartments can be used by either single occupants or even couples.

Do you have any other term that you wish to understand for your Newmarket or Wilston property searches? Do not hesitate to drop a suggestion in the comment section.

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