Repair Versus Replace: Deciding The Fate of Your HP Printer

All offices need HP printer repair services every now and then. This is especially true if the printer was used a lot or used incorrectly. However, as with most machines, there comes a time when you must decide whether to keep repairing your broken printer or to replace it altogether. If you don’t know which choice to make, here are some notable points which will hopefully lead you in the right direction.

Repair Frequency

Regular printer services are common in any office environment. However, if you feel like your chosen HP technician is becoming an overly familiar face in your office, then repairs might not be the best solution. Most technicians who repair HP printers are also excellent judges on the printer’s condition. If they feel like you’ve been requiring their services all too frequently, they might recommend replacement instead. This is especially true if the same specific problem is occurring over and over again.

Part Replacement Versus Printer Replacement

Just because your HP technician recommends replacement doesn’t mean you replace the entire printer. If they conduct printers repairs on the same part repeatedly, then the problem might lie on that printer part alone while the rest of the printer is still in good condition.

However, just because your HP printer is simply in need of a part replacement doesn’t mean that printer replacement is out of the question. For one thing, even if most companies offering printers services have an arsenal of printer parts at their disposal, sometimes finding the right model to fit your particular HP printer can be difficult. This is especially true for older models. Sometimes, manufacturers stop making parts for older models in favor of newer ones.

If you own a really old HP printer model, then finding parts for it would be difficult. Furthermore, if you do find any parts, the cost between purchasing the part and replacing the entire printer might not be so large a gap. In some cases, purchasing a newer model is more practical. Think about it: even if you do buy the part needed for your older HP model, what happens if another part breaks down? Then you have to repeat the scavenger hunt for rare parts all over again.

Rare parts are not only difficult to find but also expensive. It’s better to replace your old HP model with a newer model. Not only will you have a perfectly efficient HP printer, but finding parts for it would be easy.

Total Printer Costs

As a business, you would most likely jot down every expense related to HP printer repair. Review all costs associated with this printer both financially and otherwise. For example, a broken printer does not only mean additional costs in repairs, it also means office downtime and delayed work. In the business world, downtime means a loss in profit, so consider whether or not your printer can handle the brunt of everyday tasks.

Look over how many times your HP printer required repair in the past months. How many hours of downtime did your company experience? How much did you shell out for the repairs each time? How much work can the printer take before malfunctioning? Which HP printer model is the most cost efficient? What type of ink cartridges is the most efficient? Answer these questions and you will find out if your printer is good enough for the job. If it is not, then it would make a better investment to purchase a better HP printer model now than suffer repetitive repairs and part replacements.

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