Five Easy Ways to Hire a Good Professional Plasterer

The best first step to a perfect plastering or painting is to avoid the temptation to do it yourself. Often times, we have this sort of DIY mentality for what we think are simple tasks. However, tasks like plastering are not easy at all. It needs skill and experience. Plasterers Sydney expert say that, if you don’t have these two, then you better leave the job to the experts.

Professional plasterers are called professionals for a reason – they spent good amount of time in learning and doing the work in different applications. Different plastering projects and portions of the establishment require different strategies. And only an expert plasterer can build and improve ceilings, floors, walls, and even decorate and improve its features. But how do you really find plasterers Sydney offers? Below are some tips.

Through word of mouth

The best way to get a good plasterer is to ask for recommendation from your family, friends and of course, neighbors. Ask about their experience and the contact number of the person or his company.

Online search

Almost everything in life today can be found online, surely there are a couple or more plastering companies in your area. A quick online search can give you a page of good results to choose from. Check for these companies online, visit their websites and check out their portfolio or profile photographs of their previous works.

Observe how similar their previous project to yours. Do you think they are fit for your specific needs? Are they qualified and certified to provide such service? How long have they been in the industry? Also, if you wish to use a specific type of plastering, such as coving, lime plastering or rendering, make sure the company is fully capable of providing such service.

Examine the reviews

Online reviews are just as important as word of mouse. People online can provide good explanation as to why they love or they don’t like the services of a particular plasterer or his company. Make sure you read enough reviews, and consider people’s comments about the company’s customer relation skills. Are they professional and friendly? Were they comfortable having plasterers working on their property? Do they really provide what they brag to have?

Getting a plastering estimate

Many plasterers Sydney companies can provide good quote through the phone. All you have to do is supply the information and try to describe the task you need as detailed as possible, and include the size and nature of the job. Of course, until they actually see the task, it is impossible for their telephone personnel to give you a fixed quote over the phone.

Ask for a visit

Good plastering company will send a representative to actually see your place before they can give you a detailed quote. This helps them see the condition of the area you want to be plastered and tell you about your further options. Of course, when asking for a quote, you should aim to get some that are directly comparable, something that includes all the aspects of the work, from removal of the existing plaster, waste disposal, scaffolding for outside rendering jobs, and of course, travel and parking.

Once you have the detailed quote, you can now hire the plasterer. Just make sure both of you are on the same aim about the work you want to be carried out, the cost for the job, and the estimated time of completion. Good luck!

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