Nike Shoes – The Best Shoes for Men and Women

Nike Shoes – The Best Shoes for Men and Women

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One of the best brands of shoes that is loved by most athletes and men and also well known to everyone is Nike. Nike is an American multinational corporation whose main specifications are to design, develop and manufacture footwear and other apparel accessories and types of equipment. This multinational corporation has its headquarters near Portland Metropolitan area, and it is believed to be one of the world’s largest and most successful suppliers of Nike shoes. According to Sneaker News, sales in Nike shoes have been seen to increase mostly after the multinational company signed deals with major athletes such as Australian phenomenal basketballer Ben Simmons (19 years) who signed a deal worth more than 16 million US dollars with Nike before he even played his first game in the NBA. Since then, sales of Nike shoes Australia wide have increased a lot.

Various brands of Nike shoes

In Australia, there are various brands of Australia Nike shoes. All the Nike shoes Australia shops sell come in different shapes, sizes and colors because some are designed to be suited for ladies and others for men. Below is the description of each brand of the best Australia Nike shoes people recommend.

Nike Free 4.0 Fly Knit Training shoe. This model of the Nike shoes has several features such as having a solid rubber under the toe that helps to absorb impact and responsiveness.  There is also the feature of flexibility and stretching whenever one needs to do so. There is a double outsole that offers a resilient ride that also reduces overall weight on the shoes and the person wearing them.

 The second model of the Nike shoes in Australia is the Nike Air Max Lunar 90 training shoe. This type of Nike shoe is sold at a price of 195 US dollars, and it has several durable features such as having a durable rubber outsole, a midsole that provides the wearer with superior cushioning and lastly, this model of the Nike shoes Australia shops sell has a weight of 362 grams.

 Nike free 5.0 Running shoe FUCHSIA is another of the models of the Nike shoes.  Some of its features are having a seamless inner booty that adds comfort to the Nike shoe. The levels of durability are in these Nike shoes because of rubber lugs that are placed on the shoes that give person flexibility, traction, and grip all along. Lastly, there is the mesh upper that offers lightweight support and breathability especially when a person is taking a run for a long distance. read more