Data Centres: Defining Network In A New Way

Today our lives constantly revolve around the world of internet and various advanced technologies. Software, networking, digitization all these are the favourite topics of people from all ages. While talking about advanced technologies one can not overlook the importance of data centre. From telecommunications to storage systems to manage and distribute, data centres are important in almost every sector of an industry. With the growing use of internet enabled devices, the data centres are improving constantly to much higher degree than before.

Data centre is basically a facility that is widely used to centralize information technology operations, equipments and also stores, manages and distributes the data of any organization. With data centre house an organization maintains secured data storage. Depending on the business the structure of data centres house differs from one to another. In earlier days when computer is quite a complex thing to handle, data centre used to be a non-developed storage system for all. With the increasing growth of information technology, the development of data centres house takes place.

The telecommunication infrastructure standard defined four tiers of data centres in a systematic method. Tier 1 data centre is the simplest one; on the other tier 4 data centre is the most rigorous one. The requirements of the four levels or the tiers are such

·         Tier 1: employed capacity components, expected availability of basic site infrastructure 99.67%.

·         Tier 2: meets all the requirements of tier 1, unemployed capacity components, expected availability of site infrastructure 99.74%

·         Tier 3: meets all the requirements of tier 2, multiple autonomous distribution helping equipments, expected availability of synchronized site infrastructure 99.98%

·         Tier 4: meets all the requirements of tier 3, expected availability of fault-bearing site infrastructure 99.99%

These are the data centre tiers that are thoroughly explained by the telecommunications infrastructure standards. Data centres can reside in one single room or in a huge building. It solely depends on the design of the data centre house. While designing the data centres house one must consider its programming, modelling criteria, mechanical engineering to design the infrastructure, electrical engineering while programming the infrastructure, detailed designing, selection of site, environmental control and so on.

A huge security is always needed to protect data centre. As the centres store highly confidential, sensitive and ample amount of data of any organization it has to be well protected by several security procedure. Video camera, close circuit cameras and even well trained security guards must be there as data centre security. Data centres are widely used in energy sectors like greenhouse gas emission and so on.

Nowadays as the technology is getting more advanced, some of the expert organizations step forward to provide huge and vast details about data centre solutions online through journals. All these experts lend a hand to the people of the world to understand the detailing and designing of data centres. One does not need to go anywhere; people can get a clear idea about various data centre solutions through these available online articles. For more information visit at DATA CENTER Journal.

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